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  Conservation Unit  
Preservation and Restoration

Conservation Team

The Archive often  encounters films and film-related materials that have been damaged due to extended neglect. Our Conservation Unit is responsible for restoring those damaged films and providing a sound environment for our collection's safekeeping. Conservation staff are also responsible for conserving film-related materials including posters and stills. Every incoming film goes through elaborate examinations and treatments, from cleaning and removing residual chemicals to, in some instances, processes like restoring colour or striking new prints.

Our print of King Hu's The Valiant Ones (1975), for example, was restored by digitally reinstating faded colour, and the most complete Cantonese version of Bruce Lee's The Kid (1950) in existence is reconstructed from different incomplete versions of the film.

The Valiant Ones

The Kid

Because celluloid doesn't last forever, our conservation efforts are essentially measures to keep deterioration to the minimum. Through duplication to stable materials, we can ensure a copy of high quality continues to exist. Our vaults are constantly kept at the temperature of 4°C and 35% relative humidity, so that films can be preserved in the most favourable conditions.

"The Conservation of Confucius (1940)"


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