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2009 Programmes

Opening Programme

Splendours of the Tang Dynasty by Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theatre


Georgian National Dance Company Sukhishvili

Re- (I, II, III) by Shen Wei Dance Arts (USA)


Silk Road East & West by Kitaro & Artists (Japan / USA / Hungary)

Ghazal – Persian and Indian Improvisations by Ghazal Ensemble (Iran / India)

Iranian Rhythms by Zarbang ( Afghanistan / Iran)

New & Old Myths of Tuva by Huun-Huur-Tu: Throat Singers of Tuva, Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva), Dickson Dee & Peter Scherr

Spiritual Sounds of Central Asia: Nomads, Mystics and Troubadours by Alim & Fargana Qasimov (Azerbaijan), Bardic Divas (Kazakhstan) & Tengir-Too (Kyrgyzstan)

Marco Polo's Travel to China by En Chordais Ensemble (Greece) and Guest Artists

The Silk Road Journey by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra


Heading West 2: The Curious Case of Sānzàng by Theatre Fanatico

A Deer of Nine Colours by Unlock Dancing Plaza & Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education


Bun in the Cave by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Closing Programme

Buddhist Music -- Treasures from the Silk Road by Ensemble of Gansu Gannan Labrang Monastery, Ensemble of Yunnan Xishuangbanna Main Buddhist Temple & Buddhist Music Ensemble of Shanxi Wutai Mountain

Other Activities

Peace and Harmony - The Divine Spectra of Manjusri Exhibition & Talks

Reborn - The Silk Road Arts Exhibition

Re- (I, II, III) Photo Exhibition & Talk

Book Exhibition

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Talks and Lecture Demonstrations

Film Series

Foyer and Outdoor Performances

Coffee Talk Series

Arts Criticism Mentorship Programme 2009

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