Opening Programme
Splendours of the Tang Dynasty
Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theatre

Fri - SatD7:30pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre
$280 / $240 / $180 / $120
. Some $120 seats may have restricted view
. Approx 2 hours and 15 minutes with an intermission of 15 minutes

A cultural tour de force from Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theatre

A monumental production by National Class One Director Zuo Qing
and other leading Chinese theatrical talents

Gorgeous and spectacular

A glorious fusion of classical dance, music and contemporary staging

The Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) marks a high point in China's long history. In that golden age, a cosmopolitan China thrived at home and confidently engaged with East and West.

Splendours of the Tang Dynasty, a poetic blend of dance and music, echoes that great era as nearly 300 years of Chinese history and culture unfold on stage. Inspired by Tang Dynasty poetry, this lavish production conjures up a world where flowers, forests and flowing water stir poets to new heights, and where the Middle Kingdom is indeed the meeting place for people from many nations. Via the Silk Road and the country's thriving sea trade, China enjoyed a continual free flow of goods and ideas during this period. The monk Xuanzang, for example, having made his famous "journey to the West", returned with the Buddhist sutras in his effort to grasp inner truth. Meanwhile, polo and other active pursuits were among the favoured pastimes of the upper classes, both men and women.

These splendid scenes and others come to life in eight acts put together by the celebrated Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theatre. Employing colourful costumes, traditional Chinese musical instruments, dances and stunts, 120 dynamic performers use the best of modern stagecraft to revisit the magnificence of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Two years in the making, this 10 million yuan production is a wonderful tribute to China's amazing cultural heritage.