A Deer of Nine Colours
Unlock Dancing Plaza Ming Ri Institute
for Arts Education

Fri - SatD7:30pm
SunD2:30pm, 5pm
Tsuen Wan Town Hall Exhibition Gallery
Free seating
. Approx 1 hour and 10 minutes without intermission
. Meet-the-artists session after the performance on 10 October

The tug-of-war between people and Nature
Cultural richness of the Silk Road revealed
Colourful Dunhuang cave mural brought to life on stage
A highly anticipated showcase

Hong Kong Dance Award 2009 winner Unlock Dancing Plaza joins
prominent puppetry theatre group Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education
in a magical fusion of dance, shadow play and live music

The Dunhuang cave paintings, created over one thousand years ago, offer an intriguing artistic record of life during the bustling heyday of the Silk Road when traders on camels frequented the route. They also convey wisdom, with the stories in the murals handed down from generation to generation.

One of the most inspiring tales is A Deer of Nine Colours. The Buddhist story revolves around a magnificent multicoloured deer which risks its life to save a man from drowning. The ungrateful man then divulges the deer's location to the king, leading to the animal's capture. The moral, concerning human greed and the importance of respecting Nature, still holds true today.

From this thought-provoking story, Unlock Dancing Plaza and Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education have created a striking multimedia production combining contemporary dance and shadow play. This modern interpretation of an old tale transports you on a magical journey blending past and present. As the dancers interact with projected silhouettes against a backdrop of cave paintings, the dazzling visuals interweave people and shadows, the real and the surreal. A liberating show for both heart and mind.

Director / Choreographer: Ong Yong-lock
Director / Playwright: Wong Tim-keung
Inspired by a Dunhuang cave painting

Co-Artistic Directors / Set & Props Designers: Ong Yong-lock, Wong Tim-keung
Composer: Ng Chor-guan (Malaysia)
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Fung
Costume Designer: Yuri Ng
Puppetry Designers: Mak Mei-yuk, Wong Hau-kan
Live Singer & Flutist: Tan E-jan (Malaysia)
Guest Butoh Dancer: Lee Swee-keong (Malaysia)
Performers: Lim Wei-wei, Hoi Cheng-sim (Malaysia)
Improvising Puppeteers: Kwan Chung-yeung, Queenie, Leung Man-wing, Yung Ching

Photo: Patrick Yap

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