The Silk Road Journey
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Conductor: Yan Huichang

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
$380 / $250 / $150 / $100
Some $100 seats may have restricted view
. Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes with an intermission of 15 minutes
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The journey begins from the Tang capital of Chang'an in the 7th century, going west until we arrive at Xinjiang of today.
It is a journey through many millennia, encapsulated in music and illustrated with images to trace an exotic part of Chinese civilisation.

A testimony of an ancient realm in the history of an ancient race

The Silk Road plays an important part in human civilisation. It was the conduit of not only trade but also cultural exchanges between China and other parts of the world. There were different routes down the ages, each representing an interflow of knowledge and cultures between different regions of the world. Looking back at the history of the Silk Road allows us to know more about our past, and enhances our respect for different civilisations.

The musical journey begins from the Tang capital of Chang'an in the 7th century, with Five Tang Pieces by Hu Dengtiao, which is an arrangement based on multiple sources, including The Dunhuang Scores decoded and transcribed by Ye Dong, various historical descriptions of Tang music, and distinguished features of folk and traditional music. Then we go west until we arrive at Xinjiang, better known as the "Western Region" in ancient China, a name that immediately calls to mind the ancient, exotic worlds along the Silk Road. There we will enjoy the song and dance culture of the Uyghurs through The Twelve Muqam. Our journey ends at the lost city of Qiuci, which comes alive again in The Ancient Music of Qiuci Suite, a highly imaginative work by the contemporary composer Zhou Ji.

Centre for Ethnic and Folk Literature and Art Development, Ministry of Culture, P.R.C.
The Music College of Xinjiang Normal University

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