Ghazal - Persian and Indian Improvisations
Ghazal Ensemble (Iran / India)
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
$280 / $200 / $120
Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission
. Meet-the-artists session after the performance
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Evocative dialogue between two ancient cultures combining lyricism and musical creativity
A brand new listening experience

"(Kayhan Kalhor) cares so deeply about music and Persian tradition and when you hear him play, you know, I swoon, because I realise I'm in the presence of someone who is just a total master" V Yo-Yo Ma

"Shujaat Husain Khan's work in the gayaki ang style is rich with vocal sounds produced by sensuously sliding melodies" – Los Angeles Times

A tribute to Persian poetry dating back 800 years
"one of the most perfectly judged fusions I've ever heard" V The Independent, UK

Kayhan Kalhor, born in Tehran, Iran, is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso on the kamancheh. His performances of Persian music and his many collaborations have attracted audiences around the globe. He has travelled extensively throughout Iran, studying the music of its many regions. Kayhan has toured the world as a soloist with various ensembles and classical orchestras. He is co-founder of the renowned ensembles Dastan and Masters of Persian Music. Kayhan has composed, performed and recorded with Iran's greatest artists. He is an original member of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project, with whom he continues to tour the world. His most recent commission for the Kölner Philharmonic in Germany will be premièred in October 2009.

Indian master sitarist and vocalist Shujaat Husain Khan, son and disciple of the late master sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, is one of the leading artists in North Indian, classical music of his generation. He belongs to the Imdad Khan gharana (school) of the sitar and is a seventh-generation member of a family that has produced many virtuoso musicians. His style known as gayaki ang echoes the subtleties of the human voice while his charismatic vocals gracefully harmonise with the enchanting music. He performs regularly at major musical festivals in India and throughout Asia, Europe and the US. In 2001 he was awarded the Rashtriya Kumar Gandharva Sammaan, India's highest honour for a classical musician under the age of 45.

In 1997, the two artists joined forces to create Ghazal Ensemble, a group with a mission to fuse classical Persian and Indian music into a new form. In Persian tradition, ghazal is a genre of poetry mixing rapturous spirituality with worldly desires. In India, it takes the form of semi-classical music, usually a love ballad. Ghazal, the band, has gone on to astonish international audiences with its accessible, cross-cultural approach to two great individual traditions.

In this concert, Kalhor and Khan are joined by tabla master Yogesh Samsi. Together, the three maestros present a lyrical showcase that transports the poetry and music of 13th-century Silk Road kingdoms to present-day Hong Kong. A searing performance combining passion and tenderness.

Ghazal Ensemble
Kayhan Kalhor (Iran)EKamancheh (ancient Iranian four-stringed spike fiddle)
Shujaat Husain Khan (India)ESitar / Vocals
Yogesh Samsi (India)ETabla