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Mediterranean Arts Festival

The Mediterranean region has always been exotic and somewhat mysterious with the Mediterranean Sea connecting as well as separating the different countries surrounding it, inspiring travel and migration and rich cultural exchange. This is what lies behind our choice of the Mediterranean as the theme for the second World's Cultures festival series.

In our wide-ranging and exhilarating Festival programme, we have set out to introduce you to the cream of the performing arts in the Mediterranean region, bringing leading artists from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and North Africa to Hong Kong. Along with more recognized Spanish Flamenco, Portuguese fado, Italian commedia dellarte, Venetian carnivals, Greek tragedy and Egyptian oriental dance, top performers showcase art forms rarely encountered in this part of the world. These include the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey, Byzantine secular music and North African Gnawa and Sufi music.
Pre-Festival activities begin in mid-September with a series of school performances by three local musicians. During the Festival, exhibitions, dance workshops, master classes, foyer performances and an outdoor carnival will be held at Leisure and Cultural Services Department venues. The Festival is also complemented by a series of Mediterranean-themed programmes and activities organized by our partners at different locations. These include talks in cafes and bookshops, book fairs at libraries and bookstores, street performances in Lan Kwai Fong and parties at restaurants. In this way, the magic of the Mediterranean will reach every corner of the city.

Time to explore!

Elaine Yeung
Senior Manager, Festivals Office
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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