Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
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Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
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Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Passion Fesrival 20.10 - 20.11.2005
Latin Fiesta

Central Lawn, Victoria Park
Free Admission No Coupons Required
Programme Enquiries (Office Hour): 2591 1340


29.10.2005 (Sat)  2pm-5pm

Enjoy an extraordinary show bringing together for the first time in Hong Kong the best Latin American performers and local artists to fill your weekend with music, dance and sunshine.

An exciting joint appearance by Grupo Chuchumbé (Mexico) and Claudia Calderón's Piano Llanero Ensemble (Venezuela and Colombia) will provide an original introduction to Fandango traditions. Palo Santo (Colombia) will present a variety of Latin American music; Puka Soncco (Peru) will perform traditional Peruvian music; the Andes Band will bring you a fascinating glimpse of the rhythms, instruments and traditional costumes of Latin American.

On the dance front, you will be enchanted by the colours of Brazilian Samba. Local group TangoTang will showcase the world-famous Argentinian tango. Meanwhile, Quick Step will make you jump out of your seat with their energetic salsa performance led by Joseph Ennin.

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30.10.2005 (Sun)  2pm-5pm

This Sunday will be a great day of music, dance and fun. We will dance non-stop to the music of the World's No.1 Salsa DJ Henry Knowles (New York); jam to the rhythm of the percussion ensemble of Aldo Dè Bongo, Gabbard, Victor Geronimo and Dè Kai.

Dancing duo John Narvaez & Liz Rojas from SalsaMania (San Francisco), the L.A. Salsa Kids (Los Angeles), Tamalyn Dallal (Miami) and the local salsaeros will perform hot and steamy Latin dances that will definitely ignite all your senses.

With guest appearances by our very own multi-talented travelling-singer-songwriter Chet Lam and the world-famous Vocal Sampling from Cuba. The music will cross all boundaries and go beyond your imagination. The show will also include performances by Grupo Chuchumbé (Mexico) and Claudia Calderon's Piano Llanero Ensemble (Venezuela and Colombia).



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